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Indonesia Top Indoor Health & Hygiene Solution Provider

De Hygienique is Indonesia's leading soft furnishings cleaning company, specialized in mattress cleaning, sofa cleaning and carpet cleaning , using state-of-the-art dry cleaning technologies from Europe that has proven to produce remarkable results.
                carpet cleaning
We offer the highest quality and most advanced services anywhere
Indonesia Top Indoor Health & Hygiene Solution Provider

“De Hygienique is a professional cleaning service provider for mattress, carpet and upholsteries, done in your preferred place - Home & Commercial Premises!”

De Hygienique’s cleaning and sanitising services provide solutions to fix cumbersome and unhealthy indoor hygiene problems using world class technologies to ensure safe and effective result.

hard floor service
De Hygienique offers unique hard floor cleaning service using latest cleaning technology from Carpet Cleaner – Austria.   Unlike the conventional water jet hard floor cleaning methods, the[..]
Pembersih Jok Mobil
Cleaning the interior car upholstery is equally, if not more, important as cleaning and polishing your exterior car. We spend longer time in the car, breathing in dust and dirt particles from food[..]
De Hygienique is among the few professional leather upholstery cleaning treatment provider in Indonesia that cleans leather upholstery using specially manufactured leather cleaning system from United[..]
Fabric wall panel installation has gained popularity by interior designers for decorating homes, F&B outlets, hotel rooms, etc. While fabric wall panel collects dust and can get dull over time,[..]
Stains caused by food need to be blot immediately to prevent permanent staining on the fabric. After stains are lightened, you may wish to engage professionals to ensure the dining chairs are[..]
De Hygienique’s upholstery & sofa cleaning in Indonesia uses eco friendly sofa cleaning technology, specially formulatedin Europe to ensure your soft furnishings are effectively cleaned without[..]
De Hygienique’s dry carpet cleaning solution has proven to produce excellent rug cleaning results. Persian / Oriental rugs, contemporary long hair shaggy rug, sheep skin rugs, have been beautifully[..]
Do you know that the carpet is the second place to mattress where most dust mites, bacteria, mold and fungi inhibit in our soft furnishings? So it is important to regularly clean the carpet, not only[..]
High humidity climate is the ideal condition for micro organisms like dust mites, bacteria, mould, fungi etc, to thrive, commonly link to trigger asthma, eczema, rhinitis. Besides the micro[..]

Whether it’s spillage on the carpet in front of the hotel reception or allergy management exercise to remove dust mites for your child’s mattress – we have the solution for you. Our services have been specially designed for different indoor hygiene need from different consumer sectors – residential, hotels, F&B, offices, planes, yachts, etc. Specialising in dry cleaning and sanitizing of mattress, carpet and upholsteries, De Hygienique’s treatments provide solutions to fix cumbersome and unhealthy indoor hygiene problems using world class technologies to ensure safe and effective result.


De Hygienique is Indonesia’s leading indoor hygiene service provider and has worked with many corporate customers from different industries by developing effective cleaning and indoor hygiene solution for them.


After servicing numerous residential homes and becoming Indonesia’s leading indoor hygiene service provider, De Hygienique understands the many common challenges home owners face and the upcoming health issues that are triggered by indoor hygiene poor maintenance.

Through the years of experience, De Hygienique has partnered with medical experts, cleaning technology manufacturers, and other international hygiene experts to develop some of the best and safest cleaning and hygiene control solution that your home would need.

De Hygienique only sources out for premium cleaning technology from other parts of the world that has been proven to produce Guaranteed Cleaning Results WITHOUT damaging the furniture and causing harm to users’ health.

We believe in using only specialised equipment & products for different types of furniture, because there is no one equipment that is effective for all types of furniture of different materials and usage function, such as :

  • 100% Dry & Chemical Free Mattress Cleaning System
  • Carpet/Rug Dry Cleaning System
  • Upholstery Dry Cleaning System
  • Patented Chemical Free Potema® Sanitising Spray

These European cleaning systems have gone through many R&D for the past 20 years and have also received numerous recognitions by international hygiene journals and laboratories for its results.

hard floor cleaningsystem
This newly launched Dry & Wet Cleaner Machine in early 2014 for hard floor cleaning purpose has two counter-rotating brushes that provide the desired scrubbing action and ability to actively lift up grime and collect dirty water into the machine..
De Hygienique’s mattress cleaning treatment adapt the traditional mattress cleaning concept of beating and sunning of mattress at the backyard, by pulverising and thoroughly extracting decomposed dead skin flakes and dust embedded in the mattress using high..
De Hygienique use world’s leading revolutionary dry carpet cleaning technology manufactured in Europe. Our professional carpet cleaning are equipped with cleaning technologies and a range of effective and safe stain removers, which may not be..
De Hygienique cleans sofa using dry shampoo encapsulation technology, designed and manufactured in Europe. This cleaning system uses pH 7 shampoo solution that is so safe you can apply the shampoo solution onto your face. As minimal amount..
This patented spray was researched and developed in Germany in 1992 mainly for application on mattress. Application of this patented anti dust mite spray is very effective for any fabric soft furnishings that potential inhibit dust mites like mattress, carpet, upholstery sets..

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Indonesia Office

P.T. Primajasa Sanitasi (Dehygienique Indonesia)
Jl Angkasa I No 10
Jakarta Pusat - 10610
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Customer Service
Hotline : +62 (021) 6586 8148
Whatsapp : 0822 - 99926870 
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Singapore Office

(Dehygienique Singapore)
53 Ubi Avenue 1 #03-44 
Paya Ubi Industrial Park
Singapore 408934

Customer Service
Hotline : +65 6749 1950
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